Track Day: Grobnik 2019/9

When the season started I was hoping I’ll be able to get in a few more sessions than last year. But as luck would have it, I’ve missed two over the summer, and this one was the first one after early August. Car track days are definitely secondary for the organizers, as it seems they had almost daily track days for motorbikes over the summer. Which is really a shame since car track days are always full, even when they give us a weird time. As it happened this time – Thursday later afternoon, from 17 to 20.

Since the last (wet) session, I’ve done some upgrades to the brake system. I wanted a better pedal feel and better durability. So I had the brake fluid changed (Castrol React SRF Racing), added performance brake lines, and exchanged EBC Yellow pads for Ferodo DS2500. The final result definitely gives me a lot more confidence when braking.

The best time of the day was 1:49.77 which is a new personal record for which I’m pretty happy considering the Cup 2s were already at the end of their life. I’m assuming what I lost in grip, I got back with more aggressive braking.

Best lap of the day: 1:49.77. The video is really poor so a screenshot only. I need to find a better way to mount the GoPro.

While the Cup2s are absolutely amazing on a dry track, they are very poor on the wet, especially on the street. They are also not that, khm, fun on the street. The main issue is that they break grip late but when they do, it’s very quick and hard to control. And in the wet, it happens so quickly and uncontrollably it’s not even fun.

So I’ll be going back to Pilot Sport 4 tires and exchanging a few seconds on the track for more fun and better grip in the wet. I’d go with PS4S but unfortunately, they’re not available in the correct size.