Drift Practice: Racegasmic 2019/9

Racegasmic is a drift track in Ljubljana and it’s one of the few, very welcomed, places where enthusiasts can play with cars in Slovenia.

It’s on a track used by driving schools over the week, moonlighting as a drift track on Saturdays. You can also rent drift-prepared cars there which is what I’ve done yesterday.

Even though drifting on this track happens at far lower speeds than my trackdays at Grobnik, it’s just as much fun and exciting. This was my second time so I was still getting a hang of the car and track.

No video of me drifting (nothing to see, yet) but here’s a great video of a few who already know how to throw the car around the track.

Definitely lots of fun and I’ll be back in the future to work on my dorifto skillz. 😀